Episode 62: Furbabies

We can’t believe it! Another year has gone by and Barbara and Chris say thanks to all of their listeners and supporters. In today’s episode, Barbara tells us why teachers need Netflix, Chris shows us odiogo (http://www.odiogo.com), and Barbara discusses ways you can use your old iPhone. If you are a “geekybaby,” you’ll understand what we are talking about.

2 thoughts on “Episode 62: Furbabies

  1. Thanks- have been searching for podcasts to listen to with an emphasis on teaching and learning. I really LOVE your style of voice presentation, it sounds welcoming and relaxed, not over rehearsed. Please keep it up. Hoping to start my own podcast soon for teachers in UK- feel really inspired after listening to yours. Alan (UK)


  2. Thank you, Alan, for your kind words. We really appreciate hearing from our listeners. The best to you in your own endeavors putting together a podcast. I really like WordPress.org and the PodPress plugin to enable podcasting feeds in iTunes. If you get a chance, visit our new podcast feed in the iTunes store and rate us there!


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