Episode 63: It’s the Wave of the Future

Welcome back to a new year and another year of Barbara and Chris. Can you stand it?

In today’s episode, Barbara tells us about all of the tech tools she is working on for a faculty learning community–mLearning Scholars where teachers and students will be using iPod Touches and iPads in the classroom. It will be an exciting year, filled with much learning.

What did Barbara discover during the holidays with her iPod Touch? Well, for starters, she is using it as a telephone. Yes, you read that right–a telephone. Just install the Line2 app by Toktumi (30 day free trial, then $9.95 a month) to get started.

Line2 works through a wireless  network, so it’s VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol), but the quality is excellent. The interface works just like the iPhone and includes unlimited text messaging.

Chris is a Prezi person and is delighted to report that Prezi is now available on the iPad. Watch our ustream.tv video to see how it looks and try it out on you iPad today.

If you want to connect remotely to a computer, you can do it with a cool app called VNC Lite. Available through the iTunes App Store, this easy-to-configure tool allows you to connect to one of your computers and remotely control it. Say you left your computer on and you are on a trip. No problem–connect to it using VNC and turn it off.

Finally, Chris and Barbara are looking to the future–wave of the future–and want to publish their Digital Age Teaching Skills textbook in ebook format. Chris explains why ebook formats are required–(1) to include security and (2) to enable flow. Listen to our podcast and find out more about Calibre, a tool that converts text to various ebook formats.

Below is a video recording from our LIVE ustream.tv broadcast:

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