Episode 64: You’re a one-person social network

Join Chris & Barbara for a lively discussion on the tools, tips, and trends they talked about during their 22 episodes last year. Listen to their quick review and revisit some of their old podcasts to review!

Here’s the list:

1.  using flash drives as computers
2. Wii Fit
3. HP Dream Screen
4. Google Wave and how you can use it in the classroom
5. how to subscribe to the Cool Teacher Podcast
6. Chris spills a “dirty little secret”–money for teachers
7. News segements!
8. auto-captioning in YouTube
9. 5 cool Apps for math
10. iPod Nano Video
11. Animoto program for educators
12. calls from our listeners who tell us how they use their mobile devices
13. TimeToast
14. WallWisher
15. new segment called CTP/RSS
16. Shoutbox embeddable widgets
17. 10 Edtech conferences you should look into
18. Chris and Barbara broadcast live from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
19. Creative Commons
20. Fair Use
21. Sploder
22. Google Squared
23. Chris broadcasted live from NCCE
24. Mobile Learning Engine for Moodle
25. Adobe Connect Pro app for the iPhone and iPod Touch
26. Paparazzi, for taking screenshots of full webpages.
27. (Office plugin) called Ribbon Hero
28. Great apps for healthy living, nutrition, and exercising
29. new features in Google Docs
30. VHOLDR ContourHD 1080p
31. iPhone4
32. collaboration in the classroom
33. wikispaces
34. Nintendo DSi
35. iPad
36. WiseStamp
37. MacSpeech Dictate
38. iPod Touch
39. QR codes
40. Gorilla tripod
41. images safe for reuse, Compfight.com
42. spot and avoid plagiarism duplichecker.com
43. and ways to use mobile technologies in the classroom
44. Google Apps, Moodle, Audacity, Flickr, and OpenOffice
45. Qbooks, mobile app for Kids
46. 17 inch MacBook Pro
47. Google Docs on the iPad
48. educational videos from WatchKnow.org
49. Annimation with GoAnimate.com
50. Google Docs
51. kidscom.com
52. Google bookmarks with lists
53. Chris checks in with his social network
54. share a wish list on amazon.com
55. ShoutBox
56. ESPN3.com
57. ways you can use your old iPhone
58. odiogo (http://www.odiogo.com)
59. Netflix
60. Line2 app by Toktumi
61. Prezi for iPad
62. Calibre
63. VNC Lite

3 thoughts on “Episode 64: You’re a one-person social network

  1. It is sad that Google Wave is going away before it every really took off, but I have found that almost every one of it’s key features are slowly migrating over Google docs. My business and my colleagues at BSU love to use the document chat, and the live editing and highlighting as a collaborative space, and I honestly think the way docs incorporates chat and live editing is a lot more user-friendly and intuitive.

    Have you guys put polleverywhere.com on the schedule yet? My students just love a chance to text in class, and it offers great visualizations for their feedback. I think it also gets some of the non-talkers more involved in class.



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