Episode 65: Lenin’s Lasagna

In today’s podcast, Barbara and Chris talk about tools that can help you be a better student, teacher, and even parent! If you believe learning is social, then you will enjoy Barbara’s discussion of various tools you can use in the classroom and beyond: Facebook, blogs, and even build your own social network with a WordPress plugin, BuddyPress (http://buddypress.com).

Chris talks about Evernote, a really cool app you can download on just about any device (now available through the Apple App Store) and use to write, read, and organize multiple types of content. If your students don’t know about this tool, they should: http://evernote.com.

Are laptops good without Internet access? Barbara thinks they are almost useless and tells you why. Finally, Chris talks about Prezi for iPad and a contest he is going to enter. Good luck, Chris!

Another week, another Cool Teacher Podcast. Listen live on ustream.tv http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-cool-teacher-podcast or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes. Have an excellent week!

One thought on “Episode 65: Lenin’s Lasagna

  1. Prezi is really cool! I made a music theory prezi for a friend over the break, as a way of learning about the tool and answering his questions. Prezi seems to be a really good way to express the structure of thoughts.
    I hope you win the contest!


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