Episode 66: Anything but normal

In today’s episode, Chris shows us the amazing Xtranormal.com and a video that our own Jerry Foster created about our Edtech program at Boise State.

Then, I surprise Chris with some new tech tools I have been using. One of my previous students, Jason Janczak (pronounced “jan-zik”), sent me the information about  Google Search Stories. And then Dr. Chareen Snelson sent me the link to fodey.com, where you can generate a newspaper clipping and other cool images with text.


Or how about this cute little talking squirrel . . .

Create your own Animation
I really had fun with Google Search Stories and immediately took to it, creating a quick advertisement for our Edtech Department at Boise State. Then, I thought, what the heck, I’ll make a search story about the various tools my students can use to conduct research. Check out Google Search Stories and make a video to see how quick and easy it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/SearchStories

How can you use Google Search Stories in the classroom? Well Jason Brunken writes, “Introductions and presentations on current issues and events, short presentations on products or inventions, or research reports and presentations on famous people. It’s cool, best thing about it though, it is free and easy-to-use.”

Chris revisits Twitter in the classroom, too.

How can you use these tools in the classroom and beyond? Comment on our blog, call our listener hotline, or just send us an email. We’re listening.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to send us new and refreshing tools to use and think of applications for the classroom. Keep sending us stuff and we’ll keep doing our podcasts.

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