Episode 71: Your PEEPs or Your POPs

Welcome to another episode of the Cool Teacher Podcast. Today, we are joining members of TeacherStream, an online network of K-16 teachers. You can request an account on TeacherStream at http://teacherstream.ning.com and join in their discussions. As you will find out in today’s episode there are many advantages in being a member of a social network, especially one geared toward your interests.

Barbara talks about leveraging your Professional Online Presence (POP), encouraging new users of social tools to start by investigating their current online presence. She will help you get started with a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and joining an appropriate social network, such as TeacherStream. Join networks that align with your interests.

Here are some other tools that can help you get started:

Chris tells us more about TeacherStream, what it is and how you can benefit from joining this group of motivated educators. All you need to do is request an account to join.

Next, Barbara provides some important Facebook Facts, a great primer if you’ve never used Facebook before, or if you have been concerned about privacy issues.

Finally, we top today’s episode with Chris’s discussion of

We realize 20 minutes is a very short time to discuss all of these tools. Post your comments and let us know how you are using social networks in your profession. Thanks for listening.

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