Episode 74: Classroom as a Game

Welcome back to an episode devoted to springtime! Yes, spring is in the air here at Boise State, and the Cool Teachers want to tell you about ways you can celebrate this season of rebirth and renewal–in your own classroom.

In today’s episode, Barbara talks A LOT about the new Nintendo 3DS, what it is and why it is so cool, and how we might consider using it in the classroom. For starters, read a recent blog post about the Nintendo DS and ways teachers might use it in the classroom: http://itcboisestate.wordpress.com/2010/12/22/nintendods_classroom/

Chris tells us about his and Lisa Dawley’s new 3D Game Lab: http://3dgamelab.com. Sign up today to participate in this exciting new way to integrate gaming into your curriculum AND meet State Standards. Watch the video below to find out more:

Then, Barbara tells us why the Nintendo 3DS might be one of the best mobile devices students could use in the elementary and middle school classrooms. We would love to hear from you and find out what you are doing with technology in your classroom. Are you using the new Nintendo 3DS in your classroom, for instance?

Chris finishes with an explanation of Chorewars (http://chorewars.com) and will now start cleaning  his house. Thank goodness!

As always, thanks for listening and please post your comments and ideas. We love hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “Episode 74: Classroom as a Game

  1. This is very cool. We have been looking at a lot of ways to bring gaming into the classroom responsibly in my ed tech class this semester. I think this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I have launched a free online professional development forum for teachers to participate in lesson study: http://eachtoteach.weebly.com This is not-for-profit…just a graduate school project of my own!


  2. Hi
    I was thinking that we should try and disengage our children from to much gaming.
    Now I read that this is starting to be brought into the classroom by teachers. I don’t mean to sound rude or controversial but can this honestly be good? Doesn’t it kind of distance teachers away from children. We should be teaching them integration and socializing skills.

    I think this is going in the wrong direction totally. Maybe I am old fashioned in my views on teacher child relationships.


  3. I cant help but smile while reading this article. I mean, is this some kind of a joke? But yeah, I think you have a point right there. It is not impossible at all that a classroom can be so much fun just like playing. Dont you think this could be vulnerable to abuse and misuse though?


  4. Hey Chris, yet another reason to use Gaming/Gamers to solve worlds problems.

    Seth Cooper, a co-creator of Foldit, added, “People have spatial reasoning skills, something computers are not yet good at. Games provide a framework for bringing together the strengths of computers and humans. The results in this week’s paper show that gaming, science and computation can be combined to make advances that were not possible before.”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/09/19/us-gamers-crack-puzzle-in-aids-research-that-stumped-scientists-for-years/#ixzz1YQLOJ700



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