Episode 75: Shameless Self-Promotion

Welcome back to another episode of the Cool Teacher Podcast. Today Barbara talks about the importance of patience in teaching an old dog new tricks–specifically her dad how to use a computer! It’s a challenge starting from ground zero in teaching older people how to use computers, but it sure is worthwhile. Barbara provides some helpful advice in how to get started: (1) Start with simple, meaningful tasks, (2) Take breaks, (3) Provide encouraging feedback.

Chris talks about his cool 3D Game Lab tool and the 3D Game Lab Camp. Find out more about 3D Game Lab at http://3dgamelab.org.mmoguildsites.com/

Welcome to Allison Yager, one of our EDTECH students, who is visiting Boise and came to watch us record the Cool Teacher Podcast. We LOVE OUR FANS.

Thanks for joining us for another live episode. Remember, you can always subscribe to our podcast in iTunes! And as always, we love feedback, so submit your comments below.

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