Episode 76: The Cool Teacher What?

Welcome back to the Cool Teacher Podcast! After months of agony in writing his doctoral dissertation, Chris is finally ready to begin anew–with his other cool teacher, Barbara Schroeder. We encourage your comments, questions, ideas–ANYTHING, as we begin almost anew. Our weekly podcasts will now be available in audio format only–it saves us a ton of time and allows us to stay on schedule.

Image representing MailChimp as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

In this week’s podcast, we talk about what we are doing–it’s actually kind of interesting. šŸ™‚

Chris tells us about a tool that can be helpful for teachers to communicate easily with students and parents: MailChimp. And we talk about what is happening in education and technology today and the what it means to be digitally literate.

Our weekly podcasts will be available every Friday for your listening enjoyment. Tell us how we are doing and what you want to hear by filling out our Contact Form.

Our podcasts are driven by you–our listeners.

2 thoughts on “Episode 76: The Cool Teacher What?

  1. Remind101

    Welcome back Barbara and Chris! Or do we have to call him, “the Big D” now? I almost took your RSS feed off my site, but just noticed an update, finally, this morning;-)

    Possible future topic: New Chromebook for $249 (although they’ve all sold out at the various retailer’s sites). *I’ve got it on back order at Amazon. **Got me looking at running Chrome OS on other systems. I see you can run a version of Chrome OS from a 4 GB USB stick. I got this “Lime” version ( http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/lime.php ) running on an old Dell Latitude D630 laptop, and it’s running pretty well. Fast enough, but then what is it really doing but serving up web pages. **Might be a cheap way to use old hardware for Internet connectivity.

    Good to have you back.



    1. Thanks for the ideas and feedback, Bill! Yes, we are at it again, this time only doing audio podcasts–production time is much shorter and quicker. I’ll talk about Chromebooks in a couple of weeks. Keep the suggestions coming!


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