Episode 81: Who needs algebra, anyway?

Chromebooks for Redmond School District
Chromebooks for Redmond School District (Photo credit: rwentechaney)

Welcome Back!

Yeah, we missed last week–Barbara was in California visiting her Dad and Chris was at another conference. He likes to travel a lot and eat out. Mainly greasy, fattening food. That’s why he needs to cycle so much. More on that another time.

Here’s what we talk about in this episode:

  • Segment 1: Some Good Ideas (Barbara)
  • Segment 2: Think Through Math (Chris)
  • Segment 3: Technology in the Classroom (Barbara)
  • Segment 4: Interview with John Martin

Some Good Ideas

How about tech tools that can be used for other purposes? Barbara talks about how she uses tech tools in creative ways. Here’s the image that started her on this thought process:


Think Through Math

Chris tells us about “Think Through Math” and how it’s helped his son. Here’s the link to this software and more information: http://www.thinkthroughmath.com

Computers in the Classroom

Barbara talks more about how to get computers in the hands of students, using the Google Chromebook. Thanks to one of our listeners, Bill Gibson, she’s hot on this product. But what else is new?

Finally, Chris shares one of his recent interviews with John Martin. We think you’ll like this.

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One thought on “Episode 81: Who needs algebra, anyway?

  1. I was attracted to the title of this podcast because we spend a lot of time talking about how to help students transfer math skills to relevant problem solving. I like the game motivation, but I too would be leery of multiple choice response (especially as we are starting smarter balance assessment next year).


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