Episode 82: Barbara Goes Dark . . . Sometimes

Apple - OS X Mountain Lion
Apple – OS X Mountain Lion (Photo credit: Kent-Chen)

In this week’s episode, more from an interview with John Martin and some other great stuff:

  • Mirror, mirror, on the wall
  • Roar!
  • Interview With John Martin #2

Mirroring Your iOS Device on Your Computer

Want to find a way to mirror your iPhone, iPod, or iPad on your computer screen? I wish there was a free app for this, but for just about $10 you can use Reflector, an easy to use app that allows you to mirror iOS devices. Using the built-in AirPlay capabilities on your Apple computer, you can mirror your mobile device on your computer by selecting the computer. This app also works on PCs.

I’m especially interested in this app to enable recording screencasts of mobile devices, as there appears to be no app yet that does this directly on your mobile device. You can test this app for free for 10 minutes to see how it works and if it will be useful for you. As we continue to use more mobile devices, the need for screencast tutorials and other mirroring capabilities will most likely increase. What do you think?

Mountain Lion OS Advantage: AirPlay from ANY device!

If you just have a SmartBoard in your classroom, you might consider expanding the capabilities for sharing, viewing, and collaborating by using iPods, iPads, and now Apple computers that have the latest operating system, Mountain Lion, installed. If you are not familiar with AirPlay, then read about it and discover all of the cool ways you can share content through an HD monitor. Television monitors are becoming less and less expensive and with the addition of an Apple TV device ($99) and just a few iOS devices, you and your students can stream music and other media, mirror content, and interact in ways that were not possible just a few years ago.

Classrooms could be configured with a few HD monitors/Apple TV and clusters of moveable tables, where students could work collaboratively using any number of apps (Google Docs, wikis, blogs, concept mapping software) and view their work using Apple AirPlay from their iOS device or Apple laptop. Streaming content and mirroring is easy and instantaneous, allowing individual users to share their content or screen.

Who knows, you even might want to suggest your school stop purchasing expensive SmartBoards and use those funds to purchase HD televisions, Apple TVs, some iOS devices, and Apple laptops.

Finally, listen to our second segment of Chris’s interview with John Martin. Enjoy, and as always, post your questions, comments, to our coolteachers.org site or to our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/coolteachers

One thought on “Episode 82: Barbara Goes Dark . . . Sometimes

  1. I like the reflector suggestion.
    Great interview with John Martin. His presentation at CMTC was great!
    You should do a segment on ASSISTments.


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