Episode 89: De-grading the Co-host!

Welcome back! During this week’s podcast. we will talk about: three ways to communicate with your students, how to “de-grade” your classroom, and answer some FB questions. Let’s get started!

VoiceThread process
VoiceThread process (Photo credit: nswlearnscope)

Chris tells us about three ways he communicates with his students:

Boardhost – Free Forums

Barbara is still working on de-grading her online course. So far, so good, as students are coming back with positive comments. She shares some of them and will continue next week with more!

Feedback from one of our fans!

Santa Fe Amanda writes:

What a lot of new ideas for me to think about! I’m teaching an online course this semester and it has just started. I love the idea of instantaneity and am going to tell them to text me their questions if they want a speedy response. Thanks for the idea.

Email From one of our Ft. Leonard Wood friends:

Chris and Barb,
I’m at Fort Leonard Wood, MO and still enjoy your cool-teachers texts and links!  It’s fun to see how your BSU Ed Tech Department is growing.

Thanks for the knowledge sharing that you provide.  It helps while we’re in the grit of things.  And thanks for being the cool-teachers.  It’s rubbing off!


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